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About Us

When I joined British Gas in 1978 as a Gas and Heating Engineer there were always chimneys & flue systems that required sweeping before installing new appliance’s, particularly where solid fuel appliances had been previously installed. My Grandad took me under his wing & trained me “hands on” to make sure I followed in the traditional methods of Chimney Sweeping.

Of course things have moved on but I still use those traditional chimney sweeping methods passed on by my Grandad. Now I use the most up-to-date power vacuum sweeping system - specialist high efficiency 3 stage hepa filtration vacuum that can specifically deal with soot dust. This great equipment ensures that chimney sweeping and cleaning is done thoroughly without all the mess or fuss.

I still continue to learn the craft of being a modern Chimney Sweep with more training in the up-to-date and safe working methods of chimney sweeping. Now we are offering a CCTV survey to fully inspect the flue system. There’s always something new to learn, new products and talking to other sweeps about problems they may have come across, we don’t stop learning that’s for sure.

So how did it all start?

My Grandad Albert worked as a chimney sweep for many years. I always remember seeing him using the old fashioned bamboo chimney rods & brushes when sweeping chimneys. I’ve still got those rods & brushes and use them when I turn up as a lucky chimney sweep at weddings - my grandad would have loved that !!

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