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In addition to our Chimney Sweep Services we also offer a full range of Gas Services, Heating Services and Plumbing Services.

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Chimney Safety

Why does your Chimney needs to be swept?

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Landlords & Chimney Safety

Carbon Monoxide Safety

We have provided lots of information here about keeping your Chimney Safe!

The Services page gives full details of all of our Chimney Sweep Services.

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About Us

Here you can read the story of how I came to be a Chimney Sweep.

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You can find all the details of how to contact us to arrange to have your Chimney Swept or to find our further information about our Services.

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We are pleased to offer a traditional Lucky Chimney Sweep Service for your Wedding!


A Warm Welcome !

Member of Institute of Chimney Sweeps

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NO. 505367


No Mess - No Fuss - No Dust !


You can read some of our Chimney Sweep Testimonials from some recent customers. There are a few from our “Lucky Chimney Sweep” Service from some local Weddings we have done as well.

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Testimonials. Paul the Gas Man.
Paul the Chimney Sweep

Firstly “Thank you” to all my existing customer’s, always good to see you each year, I really enjoy my work, that’s probably why I’m always singing all the time !

I’m always looking for new good quality, safety conscious customers with Sooty Chimneys, so please give me a call, I take great pride & care in my work, you won’t be disappointed, very clean, no Mess and a certificate with each chimney system swept.

I’m also Gas safe registered (505367) and have been cleaning & inspecting chimney systems since Joining British Gas in 1978 ensuring safety is at the top of my list, this is so import with solid fuel chimney systems.(Thank you Grandad Albert for teaching me the chimney sweep business, you would be proud of me).

I now invested using a very modern more effective “Power Sweeping” system for all of my chimney sweeping / cleaning. The System is supplied by a company called Rodtech UK Specialist in Power sweeping Technology and after many months of re-search I opted for this very effective Power sweeping system. I take great care & pride in my work and wanted to find a more effective solution to Cleaning Chimneys !

Power sweeping demo from Rodtech on Vimeo.

Please have a look at the Videos to see how effective this method really is !

The Technical stuff - When power sweeping the brush head through centrifugal force expands to suite the flue you are sweeping it also centres itself, therefore you do not require a vast range of brushes.

Because it is not a traditional brush there is no surface tension being created in the sweeping process as the head adjusts to fit the flue. You adjust the force of the sweeping action by increasing the speed of the drill this has the effect of stiffening the brushing action. So if you are doing an older style chimney then you would use a low speed however if you are doing a heavily built up clay / steel flue then you can up the speed giving you an unbelievable cleaning action. Also the action of sweeping clockwise positions the head to the right hand side when sweeping a larger type chimney likewise reverse the drill and you then sweep the left side. In short you clean chimneys more effectively causing less strain on the structure of the flue and making lighter work for yourself.

Power sweeping from Rodtech on Vimeo.

I offer a high quality Power Brushing Chimney Sweep Service in South Devon. Domestic chimneys and stove flues are swept with care. I am registered with the Institute of Chimney Sweeps and I am based in Teignmouth, South Devon and
provide a full range of services as a Chimney Sweep in Teignmouth, Dawlish, Exeter, Newton Abbot, Torquay and cover all the surrounding areas.
Paul The Chimney Sweep

 “Power sweeping” A Cleaner more effective method making your Chimney safer to use!

Call Now on

07754 595875

I invite you to have a look round this website which details all of my Chimney Sweep Services.

We look forward to meeting you and having the opportunity to sweep your Chimney. Please feel happy to contact us if you have any questions about having your Chimney swept or any of our services.

There are two sizes of head for power sweeping and they are strung differently. The smaller head is designed for sweeping flues attached to appliances, wood burners multi fuel stoves etc.

The larger head is for all other flues in other words the head size is not a factor in power sweeping as the head adjusts to fit the flue it is sweeping.